Development of Renewable Energy Projects

We want to be the leading local developer in every market we do business in. To do this, we use our local partners’ knowledge and expertise to select the best locations for development, negotiate directly with landowners, local authorities and identify the most efficient use of land for projects.

We select the best advanced technologies throughout our project development and management processes to ensure the highest energy generation yields and most cost-efficient O&M services. This will ensure project’s revenue stream and reduce investment risk.

Professional relationships with state transmission grid entities and operators provide us with the experience and connections to efficiently manage grid connection. We have in-house technical team to make preliminary designs to reduce development time, allow quick review of different project options, and ensure maximum yield and opportunities for assets.

We use our knowledge and economies of scale to optimize procurement and construction costs and setup reliable supply chain with various OEMs.

Why Majd Energy?

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Investment in New Sustainable Technologies & Projects

In strive to be a global leading developer in renewable energy, we invest in new sustainable technologies across the globe. From new battery technologies to green Hydrogen energy, we participate in shaping the future of sustainable energy technology and development.